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生徒さんきっかけで興味を持った。落語  妾馬 - Wikipedia ←もとの日本語はこちら







There was a Japanese emperor called "Gomon no kami" . One day he stopped by in front of a row house, and found a beautiful girl called "Otusru". He fell in love with her at a glance. He didn't have any children to take over his position, so he immediately thought she is the one to marry him. His follower visited  her master ,who takes care of her like her parent,  just after that and they talked about the marriage.


Otusru was 17 years old at that time, and was born in a normal family. She lived with her mother,  and her brother named Hachigoro. The master talked about Otsuru's marriage to her family.


Her mother was really happy to hear her promotion, and her brother Hachigoro was also excited because he can get a bounuse at least 100 Ryo by this marriage.  

Finally Hachigoro got 200 Ryo, and Otusru gave a birth to a baby boy. She had done a great promotion, and the story had been told as "Oturu no Kata".


Oneday, Otsuru asked the emperor Gomon no Kami to invite her brother Hachigoro, and it was approved.


At that time, Hachigoro had spent all of his money, and felt ashamed. The master found him wandering around his friend's houses,  gave him a nice Kimono to wear for the visit, and taught him how to talk polietly in front of the emperor.



After Hachigoro's arrival, he was sent in front of the Gomon no Kami by his follower Sandayu. He tried talking polietly with Gomon no Kami appeared with Otusru, but it was somehow unnatural and awkward.


Gomon no Kami said, "It is an unrestricted bringe today, so talk like the way you talk to your close friends." After that, Hachigoro started talking rudely as usual with Gomon no Kami.


The follower Sandayu thoght "Oh my god! He is so rude!" and was so restless.

However, Gomon no Kami liked Hachigoro's behavior, and thought he is an interesting person.



After drinking a couple of hours, Hachigoro finally found that Otusru was there.

He was so impressed by her gorgeousness with tears in his eyes, and said "Your mother will be so proud of you, she will even cry if she saw you!".

He said to the Gomon no Kami, "Let me give my best regards, and take a good care of Otusru forever." 

The situation turned to be a  bit sentimental, so he suddenly started dancing to change the mood, and it also attracted Gomon no Kami. 

Finally Hachigoro was hired as a Samurai by Gomon no Kami after that.


This promotion surely occurred by the action  "a call by Otusru". 

Japanese crane is called "Tusru", and it is liken to the crane's cry.


What I learned:

Hachigoro always behaved as himself even he is in front of the emperor, it is imoportant not to change your attitude in front of anyone, and always be yourself. That will bring you the result like promotion, marriage whatever. 


At the time he was wondering around his houses without any money, his situation was so bad, but he finally promoted to a Samurai of the emperor. So, I think nobody can tell what is going to happen next day. The future is always changing.


Moreover , don't be afraid of losing everything. Hachigoro spent all his money, but finally he got a greater promotion than that.


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